Before I began my career in real estate, I was in education. Working with me, you’ll see this background in the way that I support you and all my clients. I prioritize getting you the information you need to make informed decisions, and I make sure that you understand the process and the market, every step of the way. Just ask Carmen!

“[Jennifer] knew what the market was doing, and she was able to get information about what was going on in the neighborhood… we were really thrilled with the results we got."Carmen, happy home seller


I’ve been in real estate for 14 years. I’m also the co-owner and managing broker of Metropolist Real Estate. I know my business, and when it comes to advocating for you, I mean business. I will supportively and respectfully represent your best interests and make sure that we put you in a competitive position to reach your real estate goals. Just ask Alena and Chris!

"She was very knowledgeable in the market, which is really important in this crazy competitive market. She really listened to us and focused in on our wants and needs in a house and didn’t try to push into something that was out of our price range. She was a very helpful resource in identifying the right types of properties, and targeting those houses, and ultimately making a competitive offer on the house that we wanted."Alena and Chris, happy home buyers


From the moment we first sit down together, my goal is to ensure that we are on the same page. I’ll make sure that I understand your goals for buying or selling your home, and I’ll make sure that you understand the process. Together, we’ll make your big real estate transition as easy as possible. Just ask Andy and Linden!

“Overall it was a very easy process. What Jennifer guided us through was pricing, how to stage our house… really taking us, who had never sold a house before, and making it doable. We were scared to death of the process, and it was fast. It was a couple weeks, a little bit of effort, and everything was smooth. Couldn’t ask for a better experience really as far as selling, and now the next step will be to buy something!”Andy and Linden, happy home sellers