Collaboration for Commercial Space Matters

A dream-come-true business & commercial case study.

His vision to be a chef, combined with a collaborative commercial broker yield two amazing restaurants for Seattle.

Edouardo Jordan, a visionary chef, received an unprecedented two James Beard Awards in May. Best Chef Northwest for his first project, Salare, and Best New Restaurant (in the entire country) for his newer heart-work location, JuneBaby.

Ananda Gellock commercial real estate broker Metropolist

Ananda Gellock, Commercial Real Estate Broker & Metropolist

Fact: his commercial real estate broker is Metropolist, Ananda Gellock.

If you think the residential space is competitive, well, you’d be right.

But Seattle is even more competitive in commercial space.

A dream-come-true business

When Ananda first met Edouardo years ago, she recognized real sparks of possibility in both him and his vision. And after a few bold moves, countless calls and texts, detail-laden meetings over many months, they landed the Salare space, which became Edouardo’s first success in Seattle.


They stayed connected. JuneBaby, his second location, was always “in the plan” Ananda recalled, but Salare came first.

When interviewed, Edouardo shared how, “She explained all terms, negotiated better terms and made sure I didn’t accept unfavorable terms. She made the walk from LOI (letter of interest) to lease signing as smooth and comfortable as possible. The point is she cared about me as a person, a future business owner and her client.”

A business opportunity

Edouardo reached back out to Ananda about a space that had operated as a restaurant, which was for sale. Securing the JuneBaby location ended up involving multiple negotiations. Mutual agreement was needed with the seller; they had to get approval by the landlord; plus, there was the opportunity to negotiate a brand new lease.

“Having worked with Ananda on my first project,” Edouardo noted, “I truly built a trust with her and was able to just put the ball in her court. She explained everything to me in broker’s terms and then in client terms if needed.”

In securing space for JuneBaby, they paved a new path to this new project, and they arrived at the needed agreements as a team.

Ready to realize your dream business?

Be sure to choose a commercial broker who will champion you and your vision. Connect with Ananda directly or review Metropolist’s Commercial info. 

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